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Polymers > as rheology modifier for cosmetic applications

BTC offers a broad portfolio of rheology modifiers which includes cationic, anionic and non-ionic polymers for various cosmetic applications.


Cosmedia®, Hispagel®, Luvigel®, Rheocare®, Salcare®, Tinovis®


Cosmedia® ATC is a thickening, stabilizing and emulsifying agent for cosmetic formulations with a superior sensorial profile.
Cosmedia® CTH(E) is a cationic liquid dispersion polymer providing high
thickening efficiency, emulsifying and suspending capabilities, opacifying properties, high shear thinning, easy spreading and a superior sensory profile for skin & hair.
Cosmedia® SP is an emulsifying polymer with stabilizing, thickening and emulsifying properties that gives formulators precise sensorial control, enabling them to achieve light textures, good spreadability, a fresh, pleasant skin feel and good tolerability.
Cosmedia® Ultragel 300 is a cationic polymer for rheology control that is ideal for crystal-clear formulations. It is also a preferred thickener for creams and lotions due to its excellent spreading properties and superior non-tacky and rich feel.
Hispagel® 200 is a multifunctional moisturizing gel as base for water-soluble and moisturizing aqueous jellies. It is a moisturizing agent for cosmetic skin and hair care products, thickening and a stabilizing agent for cosmetic formulations. It contains vegetally-derived glycerin that is readily soluble in water and forms a permeable film on the skin with excellent moisture retention and lubricating properties.
Luvigel® STAR and Luvigel® Advanced are a multifunctional rheology modifiers with outstanding setting and care properties created specifically for use in personal care formulations.
Rheocare® 400 is a thickening agent for cosmetic applications, particularly for transparent formulations.
Rheocare® C Plus is a highly efficient thickener for personal care applications partcularly designed to thicken aqueous solutions, suspend insoluble ingredients and stabilize emulsions. It is designed to be applied within hair and skin care applications particularly where high viscosity build is required coupled with gel transparency. It is achieved with small addition levels of polymer with the aim to maximise efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Rheocare® TTA is a rheological additive that provides thickening, stabilizing & suspending properties in surfactant systems. The product has the ability to produce very clear formulations containing high levels of surfactants.
Rheocare® XG is an excellent thickener and co-stabilizer for emulsion and surfactant based formulations. It shows suspending & stabilizing capabilities by high yield value. It has a cristal clear aspect in water from pH 3–12.
No neutralization is required. Viscosity building is boosted by electrolytes
such as NaCl.


Cosmedia®, Hispagel®, Luvigel®, Rheocare®, Salcare® and Tinovis® grades are used in various cosmetic applications for eaxample in body wash products, shampoos, creams, lotions, styling products, gels and more.