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Cationic surfactants > for hair conditioning

With their exceptional performance and mildness, BTC surfactants are an excellent option for personal care products that must have an outstanding sensory appeal. BTC offers a comprehensive range of top-quality surfactants and has extensive expertise in related production and application processes. The portfolio comprises anionics, amphoterics and non-ionics obtained from renewable raw materials.


Dehyquart®, Lamequat®, Luviquat®


Dehyquart® types are cationic self-emusifying bases for quick and
easy preparation of hair care emulsions. They show excellent conditioning and compatibility properties.
Lamequat® L has high film formation and conditioning properties, good skin compability, strengthens and protects hair fibres and it is compatible with anionic surfactants. In addition it shows improving skin feel properties in shampoos and body wash formulations.
Luviquat® Mono LS has excellent conditioning properties, is able to reduce the static charge, is used as foam stabilizer, emulsifier and solubilizer.


BTC’s cationic surfactants Dehyquart®, Lamequat®, Luviquat® find use as conditioning agents for hair care products and surfactant preparations.