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Compounded lubes > drive axle lubricants for transportation



BTC’s axle lubricants are designed for highest protection from wear to the drive train. They provide maximum component life and allow the enhancement of service life. The drain intervals can be extended and the used oil disposal can be reduced. Our fully synthetic axle oils provide measurable fuel savings and thus contribute to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


BTC’s high-performance lubes show superior performance at extreme temperatures from minus 40° celsius to plus 40° celsius. They have an extremely low pour point. Compared to conventional mineral-based oils BTC’s axle lubes show a significant improvement in heat management during operation.
Our axle lubricants form a durable film which reduces wear and protects drive axles and manual transmissions against rust from moisture. Sludge is reduced due to outstanding oxidation and aging stability.


BTC’s drive axle lubes are used in final gear drives and differentials in railway vehicles such as city and high-speed trains, metros, trams and buses. They are also used in rear axle and final drives of heavy duty trucks for long haul and for vocational vehicles in heavy work.


The following companies have approved BASF compounded lubes for drive axle lubricants: Meritor, Daimler, MAN, Scania, Tatra, ZF, DAF, Voith, Volvo, Gmeiner, Flender.


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