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Compounded lubes > transmission fluids for transportation



BTC Europe supplies a large product range of high-performance lubricants for transportation.

Compounded lubricants formulated by BASF and distributed by BTC are recognized as the industry standard. Our products have protected trucks for over 2.5 mio kilometers without a lubricant oil change in actual field use. BTC’s customers, the automotive industry as well as the transportation companies, benefit from warranties up to 1,2 million kilometers using our transmission and axle lubricants, with oil changes every 800.000 kilometers. BTC’s high-performance lubricants allow longer maintenance intervals and higher loading capacities for medium and heavy-duty trucks. In parallel they meet highest requirements on their environmental compatibility.


BTC’s new class of synthetic lubricants avoids the tear of the lubricating film at extreme temperatures. They have a constant viscosity from temperatures of minus 40 to plus 40° celsius. Thus any damage during cold start up or power loss is avoided as well as insufficient lubrication at high temperatures.


BTC’s transmission lubricants enable original equipment manufacturers which serve the world’s largest producers of commercial vehicles to warranty their components for medium- and heavy-duty trucks up to 800.000 kilometers ex-factory without needing a lubricant change.


The following companies have approved compounded lubricants from BASF for transmission fluids: Daimler, Eaton, MAN, Voith, Volvo, Mack, ZF, Meritor, International TMS.


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