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Compounded lubes > gear fluids for industrial applications



BTC Europe markets the complete range of BASF’s gear fluids for industrial applications. Our customers are component OEMs and machine builders as well as the industrial lubricant marketers. BTC offers its customers high-performance and sustainable lubrication solutions.


BTC’industrial gear lubricants fulfil highest demands and specialized requirements, see the list of approvals below. Our synthetic EP gear lubricant has a bio-based content greater than 50%. It is approved by Flender. With BTC’s synthetic gear lubes our customers have benefits regarding reduced oil and energy consumption and thus reduced oil disposal costs. Our lubes are rapid and completely biodegradable.


BTC’s gear lubricants are used in light-duty applications like H-1 food grade conveyor belts, bevel gear applications and hypoid and worm gear applications. The gear lubricants from BTC are also used in heavy–duty applications.
Our lubes are also used as bio-hydraulic fluids for mobile construction equipment and as energy efficient compressor coolants for general industrial applications.


The following companies have approved BASF compounded lubricants for gear fluids:
Flender, GE D50E27 (electric wheel motor), AGMA 9005, David Brown, SKF (paper mills), FE-8, National Science Foundation (NSF), US Defence Standard.


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