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Permanent antistatics > for plastics applications

BTC’s antistatic agents for plastics help to prevent static charging, spark-through and dust attraction during the processing of polymers, as well as in the end article. Irgastat® P products are polymeric systems based on polyamide/polyether block amides. They are incorporated as melt additive. Electric resistivity is reduced by the formation of a conductive percolating network.


Irgastat® P


Irgastat® P products are in a dust free granular form for easy handling.  They can be applied via direct-dosing or precompounding and offer a permanent and immediate effect. They have a good performance even at low humidity. They are colourless, have a low migration tendency and a low volatility.
After processing, Irgastat® P 18 FCA and P 22 are forming a more distinct fiber network compared to Irgastat® P 16 and P 20. Hence, they are requiring lower addition levels to reach optimal performance than Irgastat® P 16 and Irgastat P 20.


Irgastat® P is recommended, where a permanent antistatic effect is sought after which is in applications such as electronic and industrial packaging, housings and parts of business machines. Irgastat® P is used in thermoplastic polymers, transparent films and fiber or molded applications. Outdoor applications require testing to determine the suitability of Irgastat® P under the given UV-exposure conditions. Applications include profiles, sheets, and foamed sheets as well as pipes & fittings, tubes and hoses, sidings and claddings.


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