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Chemicals > for effluent treatment

BTC’s chemicals for effluent treatment are specifically designed for use in municipal sewage treatment, in agriculture, and in areas as diverse as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, dairy, sugar, brewery and food processing. Our broad range of chemicals for effluent treatment offers solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. Our products include flocculants, coagulants, scale inhibitors and antifoams for use in solid-liquid separation processes, odour control, heavy metal removal and colour removal.

Solid-liquid separation


Magnafloc® (Flocculants), Magnasol® (Coagulants), Zetag® (Flocculants)


Zetag® types are high molecular weight cationic polyelectrolytes supplied in the form of microbeads, powder and inverse emulsions.
Magnafloc® types are high molecular weight anionic polyelectrolytes supplied in the form of microbeads, powder and inverse emulsions.
Magnasol® types are coagulants used to precipitate and coagulate suspended solids in sewage and industrial waste water.


BTC’s Zetag®, Magnafloc® and Magnasol® types are designed to enhance conventional biological and mechanical effluent treatment processes by improving the efficiency of solid-liquid separation.
They find use in processes such as sedimentation, flotation, thickening and dewatering. They ensure that the effluent is clear and fit for subsequent discharge or recycling.

Foam control


Burst® (Defoamers)


BTC’s Burst® types are foam control agents.


The Burst® range is developed specifically for foam generated in aerobic treatment, anaerobic digestion, sludge dewatering and in streams of treated effluent discharged from treatment plants.