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Chemicals > for raw water treatment

BTC’s water chemicals have been specifically developed for the use in the municipal and industrial water treatment sectors. Our comprehensive range of products comprises flocculants and coagulants for solid-liquid separation processes. Together with our services we are able to offer to our customers a range of solutions specifically tailored to their needs while ensuring reliable process operation.

Solid-liquid separation

The treatment of the raw water is a critical stage in the production of potable water and water for use in industrial processes. BTC’s Magnafloc®, Magnasol® and Zetag® types help to enhance the efficiency of processes such as sedimentation, flotation, thickening and dewatering, in which the treated raw water is clarified for subsequent use.


Magnafloc® (Flocculants), Magnasol® (Coagulants), Zetag® (Flocculants)


BTC’s Magnasol® types consist of inorganic coagulants and blends of inorganic and synthetic organic coagulants. Magnafloc® and Zetag® are high molecular weight flocculants. They have been specifically developed for treating drinking water.


Magnafloc® is applied in the treatment of drinking water and in the dewatering of waterworks sludge. Magnafloc® types are used to replace inorganic coagulants, either partially or totally. They have been approved by the national environmental protection agencies in the USA and Europe.
The Magnasol® types are used in precipitation and coagulation processes in the treatment of raw water.

Water purification and sea water desalination

The reverse osmosis process is used to purify water by membrane filtration. The technology is used besides others in the paper industry as well as in the food industry, pharma industry, chemical industry and the automotive, petrochemicals and steel industries. Scaling and bio-fouling of the membrane can cause expensive downtime or costly repairs. BTC’s water chemicals offer solutions that maintain a high permeate flow without risk to the membrane.


Irgatreat® (Scale inhibitor), Sokalan® (Scale inhibitors), Antiprex® (Scale dissolver/inhibitor)


BTC’s Irgatreat® product range consists of membrane-friendly antiscalants, biocides, cleaning and dispersing agents.


Irgatreat® types prevent scaling and bio-fouling. They are used to ensure the continued efficient operation of reverse osmosis units.