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Emulsifiers > for the formulation of emulsions and dispersions

The wide variety of BTC’s emulsifiers for the formulation of emulsions and dispersions enables our customers to select the best matching product in order to achieve stability in the prepared formulation type. BTC´s emulsifiers are derived from natural and synthetic feedstock.



Properties of BTC's emulsifiers

BTC’s emulsifiers for the formulation of emulsions and dispersions in the overview:

  • Agnique® CSO grades (castor oil ethoxylate)
  • Agnique® MBL grades (high performance hydro/lipophilic emulsifiers for EC’s)
Agnique® SBO grades (soybean oil ethoxylate)
Emulan® grades (fatty alcohol ethoxylate)
  • Disponil® A grades (modifies fatty alcohol ethoxylates)
  • Disponil® AFX grades (modified fatty alcohol ethoxylates)
  • Disponil® NRG grades  (non-gelling modified alcohol ethoxylates)
  • Pluronic® PE grades (EO/PO block copolymers)
  • Pluronic® RPE grades (PO/EO block copolymers)
Lutensol® grades (fatty alcohol ethoxylates)
  • Demelan® (ethoxylated glyceride, modified ethoxylates)

Emulsifiers reduce the interfacial tension between two immiscible phases (water and oil), enhance emulsification and increase emulsion stability. The various types of emulsifiers have the nonionic character in common but the molecular structure is different. They are available in liquid, paste, solid or powder form, depending on their degree of alcoxylation.

Applications of BTC's emulsifiers

BTC’s emulsifiers are used in a broad bandwidth of formulations, wherever stability of a system consisting of two immiscible phases is required. For example those are

  • Agnique® types are suitable for formulations prepared for crop-protection.
  • Emulan® types, Lutensol® types and Demelan® types are used in chemical-technical formulations as well as in cleaning formulations.
  • Disponil® types are used in emulsion polymerisation processes.
  • Pluronic® types are applied in chemical-technical, cleaning, emulsion polymerisation and crop-protection formulations.