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Performance polymers > for the formulations of detergents and cleaning products




Sokalan® PA types (water-soluble homopolymers of acrylic acid)

The Sokalan® PA polymers are water-soluble homopolymers of acrylic acid. They are very effective dispersing agents. The Sokalan® PA types have been found to perform very well in phosphate-free laundry detergents. Their pronounced dispersing effect prevents deposits from being formed on fabrics and also boosts detergency. The Sokalan® PA types can also be used in dishwasher detergents, technical cleaners and in water treatment applications by working as scale inhibitor and dispersing agent for sparingly soluble salts. Sokalan® PA types can be used to treat the full range of scaling problems encountered in the sugar industry.

Socalan® CP types (acrylic acid copolymers)

BTC’s Socalan® CP types are used to prevent soil redesposition on fabrics and scale formation in the washing machines.
The Sokalan® CP types are water-soluble copolymers of acrylic acid and maleic acid. High-performance laundry detergents can be formulated with combinations of Sokalan® CP types, soda and Zeolite A. The products supplied in granular form can be used to increase the bulk density of detergent formulations, and they can also enhance the friability of detergents in tablet form. Compact and ultra-compact detergent formulations are on the market due to the development of the Sokalan® CP types. The Sokalan® CP types prevent fabrics from stiffness as a result of incrustation. They prevent soil redesposition on fabrics and scale formation in the washing machines.

Sokalan® HP types (water-soluble homo- and copolymers of vinylpyrrolidone, vinylimidazole and nonionic monomers)

The Sokalan® HP range is particularly effective in preventing reactive and direct dyes from being transferred on clean fabrics by forming polymer/dye associates in the wash liquor.



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