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Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) > for food fortification

BTC offers you a wide range of the water-soluble B-vitamins. To secure an adequate Riboflavin-level in humans and also for colouring, it is often added to different types of food products. Our technical expertise might help you by developing your end-product

Physiological importance

Riboflavin acts as a co-enzyme in a large number of oxidizing and reducing enzymes and thus plays a role in the transfer of hydrogen atoms during the energy generating oxidation processes within the cell, known as the respiratory chain. Therefore, riboflavin – along with other B-complex vitamins – acts as a coenzyme in the protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolisms, as well as in the generation of energy via ATP.

Furthermore, Riboflavin is involved in the metabolism of other B-vitamins (folic acid, pyridoxine and niacin) and in the production of hormones in the adrenal cortex.


Vitamin B2



  • two grades: Riboflavin high flow 100 and Riboflavin fine powder 
  • available in powder form
  • excellent flowability and superior dissolution properties
  • easy to handle, produces less dust and lower static charge
  • complies with highest quality standards and regulatory requirements


Riboflavin Fine Powder has been developed for the fortification of powder food products and staple food, such as flour. Because of its fine particle size, it is particularly suitable for use as colorant in powder food products or powders, which must be dissolved in water or milk prior to consumption.

Riboflavin High Flow 100 is recommended for the fortification of various food and beverage products, such as multivitamin juices, baby food, and instant-drink powders.  

Further specialty chemicals for food fortification

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium sized customers. Our product range covers selected speciality chemicals and performance polymers to a variety of industries as well as raw materials and additives for the pharma, food, animal nutrition and personal care industry. 

Our solutions for the human nutrition industry cover health ingredients like vitamins, plant sterols, carotenoids, Omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid, besides others. As food additives we offer antioxidants, emulsifiers, whipping emulsifiers, baking enzymes, functional fat powders, and lipids.