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Divergan® HM > for beverages

Divergan® HM is a unique, innovative product developed for the application in wine production and beer brewing. It is capable to adsorb unwanted (heavy) metal ions in those beverages.

Divergan® HM provides flavor stability and avoids metallic bitterness, aging and oxidative changes. It prevents the stabilized beverages from negative impacts on colour (e.g. browning or pinking).

Divergan® HM is produced by BASF SE according to highest standards of quality and control. It is approved by the EU for beverage applications.




Divergan® HM is a white to creamy coloured, slightly hygroscopic powder that removes (heavy) metal ions from aqueous and aqueous alcoholic liquids.

  • It is biologically inert and therefore it does not bear any health risks. Stored under the recommended storage conditions, its activity is stable for at least 3 years.
  • It is highly selective and leads to a significant reduction of Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Chrome, Arsenic, Manganese and Cadmium. It does not reduce alkaline metals and alkaline earth metals (e.g. Natrium, Calcium and Potassium), as these substances are desired in beverages. This effect leads to an enhanced flavor stability.
  • As Divergan® HM is not of animal origin, it is also suitable for vegan nutrition.

Furthermore Divergan® HM can also be applied in combination with other stabilizers, adsorbers and substances to induce other functions for a wider range of applications. For example, it could be combined with Divergan® F or RS.


Divergan® HM is applicable as a drop-in solution or can be dosed inline prior or during filtration.

  • Immediately it adsorbs the contained heavy metals which can then be removed almost completely by filtration or settling of the loaded Divergan® HM.
  • It is easy filterable due to its insolubility in water or water-alcohol mixture. Suitable are all commonly used filtration systems (such as horizontal filters and candle filters). Furthermore all regular equipment in beverage production can be used.

Divergan® HM is available in 20-kg drums and 500-g packages.

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