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Waxes > for plastics applications

Polymer melts are highly viscous and their processing requires the application of pressures, resulting in high shear forces. This energy may have a negative effect on polymer stability and lead to the degradation of the material. Different types of waxes are used to counter these effects of excessive shear forces.
Masterbatches are widely used by processors to colour plastics.  When pigments are dispersed with waxes, the coloured plastics have consistently high colour strength.




BTC’s Luwax® polyethylene waxes, ethylene copolymer waxes and oxidized polyethylene waxes help to maximize the efficiency of pigment use.  Depending on the specification for the final product, waxes can increase colour strength, lower the quantity of pigment required, or reduce the shear force needed.  They also act as lubricant during moulding or extrusion of final goods.


Luwax® waxes from BTC are used during the production of pigment masterbatches and compounds as well as for the processing of PVC and polyolefins.