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Resins > for general industrial, marine & protective coatings industry

BTC Europe offers BASF’s comprehensive product portfolio for the general industrial, marine and protective coatings industry. On the non-pigment side our solutions include crosslinkers and binders, as well as functional and formulation additives.



Joncryl®, Acronal®, Sovermol®, Luhydran®, Acronal® PRO, Laroflex®, Laropal®, Lutonal®, Laromin®, Waterpoxy®


Basonat®, Plastopal®, Luwipal®


  • Acronal® L & F are lightfast and aging-resistant soft resins for plasticizing cellulose nitrate and chlorinated binders. Acronal® resins are used for the production of films with a high degree of flexibility and excellent adhesive strength. Acronal® resins are used as flow promoters for solvent-based and powder coatings.
  • OH-functional Joncryl® acrylic polyols are to be crosslinked with melamine resins or polyisocyanates for solvent-based coatings. The portfolio comprises a temperature range of - 63 ºC to 80 ºC.
  • Sovermol® types are bio-based, solvent-free polyols for 2K PU coating applications. They show excellent hydrophobic properties, hydrolysis stability, chemical resistance and UV/weathering stability. It is possible to use Sovermol® types in combination with solvent-based acrylic binders (Joncryl®) for VOC reduction.
  • Acronal® PRO, Joncryl®, Luhydran® are physical drying water based acrylic dispersions, self-crosslinking and OH-functional binders general industrial, marine and protective coatings.
  • Basonat® polyisocyanates are crosslinkers for two-component Polyurethane coatings for the automotive and industrial coatings industry.
  • Luwipal® amino, melamine-formaldehyde and benzoguanamine resins are crosslinkers for solvent-based, water-based and high-solids baking finishes used in combination with binders containing hydroxyl groups.
  • Plastopal® types are urea-formaldehyde resins. They are elasticized and non-elasticized crosslinkers for acid-curing coatings and baking finishes in combination with alkyd, polyester and cellulose nitrate resins.
  • Laroflex® types are vinyl chloride copolymers for alkali-resistant and acid-resistant, lightfast and weather-resistant anticorrosion coatings and paints for mineral substrates. They are used as binders for the production of gravure inks for pretreated polyolefin films.
  • Laropal® types are aldehyde, grinding resins for solvent-based and water-based universal pigment pastes. They are lightfast resins with a unique solubility and compatibility spectrum in the industrial coatings industry.
  • Lutonal® types are polyvinyl ethers soft resins which can be combined with cellulose nitrate, Laroflex® and other binders. They are used as cobinders in antifouling paints.
  • Laromin® polyamines are polyfunctional crosslinkers for epoxy resins curing (100 % and solvent-based systems).
  • Waterpoxy® water-based hardners and epoxy emulsions are a water-based epoxy system for 2K primer and topcoat application. They show visible end of pot-life and low shrinkage. They are rapidly recoatable and sandable and show good pigment wetting and corrosion resistance.