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Resins and crosslinkers > for the wood, furniture and flooring coatings industry

BTC Europe supplies BASF’s broad range of resins for both interior and exterior wood coatings. Our broad technology platforms consist of water-based, solvent-based, high solids as well as UV systems to tackle the specific needs for economic to high-quality furniture and for different kind of flooring types.

For us beauty and durability of wood goes along with sustainability. Therefore we offer several water-based solutions such as acrylic and polyurethane dispersions and hybrids, water-based polyisocyanates and amino resins as well as resins for UV curing. Depending on your specific need you can create your coating from our toolbox.



Joncryl®, Acronal®, Sovermol®, Luhydran®


Basonat®, Plastopal®, Luwipal®

Properties and applications

Waterbased systems

  • Joncryl® RC emulsions are surfactant-free and characterized by use of low-molecular-weight acid-functional resins.
  • Luhydran® are surfactant-based cross-linkable or self-crosslinking emulsions.
  • Joncryl® U are NMP-free polyurethane dispersions for high-quality furniture and flooring coatings.
  • Joncryl® HYB is a new line of hybrid polyurethane acrylic hybrids for cost-effective high-quality high-performance coatings.

Solvent based systems

  • Acronal® acrylic resins are used particularly in combination with nitrocellulose systems for wood coatings. Combined with chlorinated binders such as Laroflex® MP grades, they yield coatings which are very resistant to hydrolysis for a variety of wood applications. When combined with suitable film-forming agents, they improve the adhesion of primers.
  • Acronal® F + L are used for the production of solvent-based coatings in nitrocellulose and acid-curing systems.
  • Joncryl® polyols can be used with a wide range of polyisocyanates from the Basonat® product ranges.
  • SGO Joncryl® polymers are fast-curing high solids with fast early and final hardness characteristics.
  • Sovermol® green polyols are natural oil-based polyols, solvent-free and specially designed polyols for use in coating, adhesive and putty applications. Sovermol® is part of our 2K PU offering including the crosslinker Basonat® as well as polyols like Joncryl®.
  • Luwipal® are melamine-formaldehyde high-solids resins with varying degrees of baking reactivity providing high-performance durable coatings in combination with alkyd and water-based resins from the Joncryl® or Luhydran® ranges.
  • BTC’s Plastopal® types are urea-formaldehyde resins consisting of urea, formaldehyde and an etherified alcohol, distinguished by viscosity, molecular weight, etherification reactivity and type of solvent. They can be used in acid-curable and water-based systems.