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Resins > radiation, UV cure resins and monomer for the inks and printing industry

BTC Europe supplies BASF’s broad range of resins and additives with unique performance attributes for the printing and packaging industry. We work closely and in partnership with our customers and value chain contacts to make produce innovative products. Our target is to be your supplier of choice for the printing and packaging industry.


Laromer®, Irgacure®


With an extensive range of oligomers and monomers you can formulate an ink with the required functionality, reactivity, hardness, elasticity, and chemical resistance fit for purpose. Our Laromer® range contains urethane acrylates (aromatic), urethane acrylates (aliphatic, with monomer), reactive diluents, epoxy acrylates (aliphatic & aromatic), amine-modified polyether acrylates (alkoxylated), oligoether acrylates, polyether acrylates (monomer-free, amine-modified), polyester acrylates, Laromer® pigment grinding resin.



  • The Laromer® product line offers high-performance binders, resulting in emission-free energy curing of offset, liquid and screen inks plus overprint varnishes.
  • BTC’s additives Irgacure® photoinitiators are essential components for the UV curing process. Our Irgacure® range is the industry standard for initiating the polymerisation process to quickly reach the final cross-linked printing ink and overprint varnish. Curing faster and more economically than traditional methods, UV- and electron-beam curing lead to a higher efficiency with substantial savings in energy, time and labour. At the same time, higher gloss and resistance improve the overall quality of the print.