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Pigments and pigment preparations > for wood paints and coatings

BTC Europe supplies BASF’s pigments and preparations that allow our end users to meet their individual tastes and living style. Wood furnishings, as a natural product, continue to enhance our life style and become part of the living space. New possibilities in colour design are possible with combinations of transparent oxides with organic pigments to complement interior applications. Technically wood coatings can be either solvent or water based and can range from self-eroding systems with short life cycles to long life coating up to 10 years durability. Our portfolio addresses both types of life cycles and systems with options in a broad range within the colour space.
Predispersed pigments are available for both water and solvent based systems in easy to use form. They avoid unnecessary waste and overstocking of materials.  


Organic pigments           


Inorganic pigments


Pigment preparations

Luconyl® NG

Properties and applications of organic pigments for wood paints and coatings

BTC’s Cinquasia® pigments covering violet and bordeaux shades are used in many exterior coatings. They are semi-transparent allowing subtle and unique shades to be created either as a mono colour or in combination with transparent oxides. Their chemistry group quinacridone is renowned for high durability and chemical resistance.


Pigments of the Cromophtal® range are mainly mid to high performance products in the yellow, red and violet space usually with high intrinsic strength for cost effective shades. Their chemistry groups range from Azo condensation, Benzimidazolone through to the Dioxazine violet pigments.


Heliogen® phthalocyanine blue pigments and Heliogen® green pigments have one of the best cost performance ratios with very high intrinsic strength coupled with outstanding durability and chemical resistance. This chemistry group is present in all exterior wood coating systems and consists of a broad range of products available to fit customer needs in both water and solvent systems based systems. They exhibit outstanding durability and chemical resistance.


The Irgalite® range of classical organic pigments red and yellow pigments are frequently used in base paints due to their high opacity and are generally very cost effective however this does limit them to mid term life cycle applications rather than long life coatings.


Irgazin® pigments primarily cover the red, orange and yellow space. They function in deep and pale shade for chroma and durability and in internal areas where sunlight demands higher performance to avoid fade effects. Their DPP chemistry allows for high durability, solvent resistance and chemical resistance for both solvent and water based systems.


Paliogen® pigments are very high performance organic pigments with high colour strength. They cover shades from yellow to red, blue and violet. For exterior wood coatings they have limited application but do find selective niches for unique shades.


Paliotol® in the yellow and orange colour space represent very high chroma pigments used primarily in deep shades for very high impact shades. Chemistry types range from quinophthalone currently used for both interior and exterior, Isoindoline mid shade yellows through to a bright orange Pyrazalone with primary application in interior paints and exterior in deep shades.

Properties and applications of inorganic pigments for wood paints and coatings

BTC’s Sicopal® types comprise a range of high chroma, high opacity inorganic pigments. These products find application in opaque coatings and represent the backbone of many lead free shades that are then shaded with organic pigments. All Sicopal® pigments ranging from yellow and orange through to blues and greens exhibit high levels of durability and temperature stability and are ideally suited to opaque coatings.


Sicotan® pigments are inorganic mixed-phase yellow and brown pigments. These products find application in opaque coatings. Clearly not in the same colour space as many organic pigments these pigments form the backbone of many brown shades were they impart high opacity and durability which can support certain organic pigments to avoid any dramatic colour shift during fade. They are generally much cleaner than inorganic iron based products and highly cost effective.


Sicotrans® pigments are transparent iron oxide pigments, which are extremely finely divided. They form the basis for many exterior wood coatings to give nature wood effects from traditional pine shade through to the more exotic wood shades.

Properties and applications of pigment preparations for wood paints and coatings

The Luconyl® pigment preparations are aqueous dispersions for emulsion wood paints for use as in plant tinters and Luconyl® NG as POS tinters. These pigment dispersions cover a wide range of colour space and chemistry types both organic and specifically our complete range of inorganic products designed for wood coatings. The benefit of predispersed pigments is given without the need for capital investment in dispersion equipment and the fact that our products are specially formulated with our unique pigment and additive knowhow. They can be applied in an easy to use liquid form which is easily pourable, quality controlled and optimized for your needs. The extensive portfolio allows for use both in cost effective interior paints and the more demanding longer life for exterior coatings.
Please contact our sales team if you wish specific products for Eco label.


The Microlith® range is a family of predispersed pigments which require simply high speed stirring. The portfolio covers both solvent and water based options. They are used primarily interior and they are more transparent than conventional pigments to enhance grain and provide unique colours.


In Sicoflush® predispersed highly transparent oxides are used. Sicoflush® is used for floor coatings to both enhance grain and provide good chemical resistance.


Xfast® is a predispersed powder requiring only stir in facilities and giving the customer the highest degree of formulation flexibility. Xfast® can be used for both interior and exterior wood coatings. A wide range of organic and inorganic pigments within the portfolio gives maximum cover within colour space and the ability to select tailor made solutions.


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