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Polar solvents > for coatings

Oxygenated solvents for coatings applications are polar solvents consisting of the product families Butoxies (Solvenon® PnBs), Butyl Glycols, Acetates, and n-Propanol.

Brands for coatings


Properties of polar solvents for coatings

Properties of Glycols

  • Colourless, neutral, slightly hygroscopic, mobile liquid with a mild odour.
  • Glycols are miscible with water and common organic solvents in all proportions at room temperature.
  • The miscibility of n-Hexyl Glycol with water is however limited.

Properties of Solvenon®

Solvenon®  types are also known as Butoxies or as PnB, DPnB or TPnB

  • Colourless.
  • Dependent on the product Solvenon®  types have different volatilities and low odour.
  • Other properties depend on the individual product, making them suitable for different purposes.

Properties of n-Propanol

  • Mild smelling alcohol, semi volatile, polar and clear.
  • Low-viscosity and water missible.
  • Solvent of high purity and a starting material for synthesis of coatings raw materials.

Properties of Acetates

  • Low to medium volatity.
  • With solvent power for numerous natural and synthetic resins and dyes.

Properties of Pentanol, also known as n-Amyl Alcohol

  • Colourless liquid and missible with the common organic solvents.

Applications of polar solvents

Applications of Glycols in coatings

  • Used as flow promotors.
  • They reduce the tendency to blistering.
  • Glycols improve the levelling and the gloss.
  • Butyl Glycols can be used to coalesce our Acronal®dispersions in order to reach best properties of film forming and glass transition temperatures.

Applications of Solvenon®in coatings

  • Used for dispersion paints as coalescent aid.
  • Further applications are paint strippers and industrial coatings.

Applications of Acetates in coatings

  • Used as solvents in coatings applications.
  • Especially they can be used for the production of ecologically benign CFC-free solvent for aerosol sprays.

Applications of n-Propanol in coatings

  • Used as semi volatile alcohol for improving the drying properties in coatings.

Applications of n-Propanol S in coatings

  • Used for applications where a very high purity is required. 

Applications of Pentanol in coatings

  • Used as paint solvent.


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