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Colourants > for the composite industry

From solar heat management to eco-friendly lead replacement technologies, BTC’s organic and inorganic pigments and dyes help you meet your functional and environmental aims without compromising technical performance. They can also be used to create a variety of eye-catching aesthetic effects.

Organic pigments









Inorganic pigments







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Properties of our colourants for composites

Heliogen®, Paliotan®, Sicopal®, Sicotan®, Sicotrans®, Oracet®, Paliogen®, Cromophtal®, Cinquasia®, Paliotol®, Irgazin® and T-Shade® products are high-performance organic and inorganic pigments and dyes. They combine very good tinctorial properties with excellent fastness to light, weather, chemicals and solvents. They full fill the requirements of most critical applications.

Organic pigments

BTC’s Cinquasia® violets and bordeaux shade pigments chemistry group is quinacridone and is renowned for high durability and chemical resistance.

Irgazin® pigments primarily cover the red, orange and yellow space function in both in deep and pale shade for chroma and durability in combination with inorganic pigments. Their DPP chemistry allows for high durability, solvent resistance and chemical resistance and plays a role in lead free formulations.

Pigments of the Cromophtal® range are mainly mid to high performance products in the yellow, red and violet space usually with high intrinsic strength for cost effective shades. Their chemistry groups range from Azo condensation, Benzimidazolone through to the dioxazine violet pigments.

Both in the red and yellow colour space these pigments play a role in lead free shades as shading components in conjunction with our inorganic pigments.

Heliogen® phthalocyanine blue pigments and Heliogen® green pigments have one of the best cost performance ratios with very high intrinsic strength coupled with outstanding durability and chemical resistance.

Paliogen® pigments are very high performance organic pigments with high colour strength and coloristically from red to blue and violet.

Paliotol®, in the yellow and orange colour space, have chemistry types from quinophthalone, Isoindoline mid shade yellows through to a bright orange Pyrazalone.

Inorganic pigments

Sicopal® are a range of high chroma and opacity inorganic pigments.

All Sicopal® pigments ranging from yellow and orange through to blue and green exhibit high levels of durability and temperature stability.

Sicotan® pigments are inorganic mixed metal oxides yellow and brown pigments. They are generally much cleaner than inorganic iron based products and highly cost effective.

Sicotrans® pigments are transparent iron oxide pigments, which are extremely finely divided. The intrinsic strength of these products is higher. They are also colouristically higher in chroma than conventional iron oxide pigments. They are currently considered to be technically one of the best products in the market.

Paliotan® are a hybrid range of inorganic and organic pigments designed specifically so that they bring together the high opacity of inorganic pigments couples with the high chroma of organic pigments. They are available in yellow through to red and include many newer products for cost effective lead free formulations.

Pigment blends

T-Shade is a combination of organic and inorganic pigments. It is a customer-specific, tailormade product and processing solution, which is available in all colours. T-Shade is used for lead replacement, solar heat management, corporate colour referring to a special brand and as RAL colour, besides others. As we have customer-specific solutions, please contact your BTC contact for more.


Oracet® dyes consist of polymer soluble colourants selected and controlled for the use in the composite industry.They provide excellent transparency with good fastness properties in styrenic and acrylic polymers, many engineering plastics and in cellulose acetate.

Applications of our colourants for composites

From solar heat management to eco-friendly lead replacement technologies, our organic and inorganic pigments and dyes help you meet your functional and environmental aims without compromising technical performance. They can also be used to create a variety of eye-catching aesthetic effects.

BTC Europe supplies high-quality organic and inorganic pigments for colouring thermoset composites and gel coats. Our pigments cover the whole colour space with outstanding weatherfastnes properties to ensure the quality consistency of composites colour shades. We produce colourants of consistent quality with narrow tolerances. Our products are part of the colourants operating division which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Further products for the composites industry

Explore also our formulation additives, performance additives, vinyl monomers, resins for the composites industry.

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for thermoset composites cover the major ones like unsaturated polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylics and UV systems.