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UV light stabilizers > for high product stability and long shelf live in cosmetics

Manufacturers have an increasing demand for formulation stability, especially with respect to colour. This request is a consequence of sophisticated formulations and a wider use of sensitive and natural compounds combined with increasingly complex fragrance compositions. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to protect against and slow down degradation processes. BTC’s Tinogard® and Cibafast® UV light stabilizers meet these demands. They are specifically designed to the needs of the personal care industry. Even in highly complex formulations a long shelf life is provided.


Cibafast®, Tinogard®


Cibafast® H Liquid and Tinogard® HS are used as a water and alcohol soluble anionic UV light stabilizers. They are easy to formulate by pre or post addition.
Tinogard® TL is suitable for all kinds of oils and emulsions used in personal care applications. In the case of emulsions it is recommended to incorporate Tinogard® TL into the oil phase where it has excellent solubility.


Cibafast® and Tinogard® types are used in personal care formulations which are exposed to UV radiation.