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Divergan® (PVPP) > for beverages

Divergan® is cross-linked polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVPP). The specific adsorption behaviour makes PVPP unique by removing the polyphenols responsible for colloidal haze development. It therewith improves the colloidal stability of e.g. beer and wine without altering their character. Different grades provide the customers with the opportunity to use the product in regeneration systems or as “single-use” material.



Properties of PVPP for beverages

PVPP is a white, hygroscopic powder with a faint characteristic odor.

It is used for beer or wine stabilization by adsorbing polyphenols in beer, wine and tea. it is insoluble in water, alcohol and all common organic solvents, it easily can be removed from your beverage by e.g. simple filtration process.

Divergan® is available in two different grades: Divergan® F and Divergan® RS

Properties of our Divergan® F

Divergan® F is the single-use PVPP product of BASF made for the application in beer and wine or tea. It is used for colloidal stabilization. Used in wine, it also results in brighter colouring. Using Divergan® F in ready to drink tea reduces its bitterness and therewith allows you to reduce the total sugar content. 

Properties of our Divergan® RS

Divergan® RS is the regenerable PVPP product of BASF, exclusively created for the application in beer. It is used for colloidal stabilization by reducing the number of polyphenols.

Stored at a dry place in its unopened original package, its activity is stable for at least 3 years. 

Applications of PVPP for beverages

Applications of Divergan® F

In beer Divergan® F removes polyphenols selectively and therewith improves the colloidal stability without altering the character of the beer. 

In wine Divergan® F removes phenolic compounds selectively and therewith improves the wine’s colour-, bouquet- and colloidal stability. By removing flavonoid polyphenols Divergan® F reduces the number of precursors of tannins and bitter substances. It therewith improves the taste stability of wine.

As a ~10% slurry, Divergan® F can be directly added to the filter together with the filter aid (e.g. Kieselguhr) or can also perfectly be applied in the storage vessel before filtration. To take advantage of its full effectiveness, Divergan® F should swell 1-2 hours before its use. The optimum contact time with your beer or wine is 3-8 min in the filter.  By dosing Divergan® F as powder directly to the wine the contact time should be increased to at least 30 min.

Applications of Divergan® RS

Divergan® RS improves the colloidal stability of beer by selectively removing the polyphenols without altering the beer’s character.

Divergan® RS is intended for reuse. Therefore, special filtration and regeneration equipment is needed. The PVPP-Filter and a separate dosing vessel are located downstream after the pre-filtration (e.g. Kieselguhr or Membrane). Divergan® RS is dosed to the beer stream as a ~10% suspension. To provide an ideal conditioning of the fresh material it is recommended to conduct one regeneration process before its first use.

After its use for beer or wine stabilization, Divergan® RS must be regenerated. By using a 1-2% hot caustic solution in the regeneration process the adsorbed polyphenols will be re-solved and washed out with water afterwards.

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