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Dispersions > for cellulose fibres

In nature, cellulose fibers make up the supporting structure of plant cells. Their excellent mechanical properties are particularly useful when it comes to decorative foils, filters or wallpaper. BTC’s dispersions from BASF offer binders with great bonding strength and dimensional stability which are particularly suitable for cellulose fibers.
Our systems, for example, improve the durability and performance of air and oil filters for the automotive industry. When used in high-quality decorative paper foil, our binders ensure a high level of stability of the bonded fibers. In addition, the finished foil is ideal for printing and coating. Nonwoven wallpaper that has been processed with BTC’s binders is particularly durable and, due to its dimensional stability, easy to apply and remove.




BTC’s range of acrylic and styrene acrylic Acronal® dispersions covers both selfcrosslinking and non selfcrosslinking dispersions. 
Our Acrodur® acrylic resins are available as aqueous solution. They are self-cross-linking and without formaldehyde release. 
Saduren® is a melamine-formaldehyde resin.
Urecoll® is a urea-formaldehyde resin.
Styrofan® types are styrene/butadien dispersions.


BTC’s range of Acronal®, Acrodur® and Urecoll® types give decorative foils, filters and wallpaper excellent mechanical properties. In air and oil filters for the automotive industry they improve durability and performance. In high-quality decorative paper foil, our binders ensure a high level of stability of the bonded fibers. To abrasives our binders ensure the abrasives flexibility and reduce abrasive particle wear.