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Pigment preparations > for the colouration of plastics

Pigment preparations are used to benefit from improved hygiene and safety on the work floor. In addition they enable an enhanced productivity, faster colour matching and better reproducibility of the shades between lab and production. Pigment preparations also show a high level of processing performance and offer a wide colour range.


Microlen®, Micranyl®, Eupolen®, Mircrolith®, Xymara® MC


Eupolen® PE are highly concentrated monopigment preparations. They are supplied in the form of low-dusting powder and dust-free granules. Eupolen® PE preparations show a very high degree of dispersion and thus offer an excellent lot to lot consistency.  Eupolen® PE monopigment preparations are  dispersed in polyolefin for use in the manufacture of master batches.

The Microlen® MC pigment concentrate range consists of well proven pigments in a finely dispersed, free-flowing and dust-free form. The pigment preparations are particularly suitable for the colouration of polyolefines. The pigment content is about 50% in a low molecular weight PE homopolymer.  Microlen® MC pigment concentrates are suitable for the colouration of most rubber compounds.

Micranyl® preparations are mono-pigment dispersions in a vinyl carrier.  Micranyl® preparations are suitable for incorporation in practically all types of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid PVC compounds. Their free-flowing powder form allows clean, easy handling and the possibility of automatic metering. Conformity to non-fogging requirements permits use in automotive applications.

The Microlith® range consists of specially prepared forms of many high grade pigments and is pre-dispersed in a vinyl copolymer resin.  Microlith® preparations are used for PVC, acrylics and aromatic polyurethanes, which require very good dispersibility. They find applications e.g. in stretched calendered rigid PVC film, blown rigid PVC film, bottles, and more.


BTC’s wide range of pigment preparations for the colouration of plastics are suitable for a variety of industries including the automotive, agriculture, building & construction, electrical & electronics, packaging, and textiles & fibres industries as well as newly emerging markets.