Sulfate-free & COSMOS suitable hair care formulations

Truly natural solutions for hair care

Consumers have become increasingly eco-conscious in their buying choices. With sustainability playing a growing role in decision making, nowadays consumers are looking for natural haircare solutions. The rising demand for “sulfate-free” products responds to a new consciousness that calls for sustainable rinse-off products with mild properties and a low environmental impact.

In their search for resource-saving products, consumers are constantly placing new demands on manufacturers and brands in terms of sustainability, efficacy and sensory experience.

Consumers are looking for natural products with a low environmental impact:

At BTC, we understand that transparency and sustainability are important guarantors for consumers’ trust in the hair care sector. Therefore, we have developed a variety of different sulfate free formulations with a high percentage of natural origin according to ISO 16128. Being sulfate-free and COSMOS approved our formulations offer gentle cleansing and conditioning properties. Your customers will appreciate nature-based solutions that fulfill the highest performance standards.

Are you interested in our sulfate-free formulations? You can download a preview here.

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