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BTC Europe at Surfex 2022 - Sustainable Coatings for Everyday Life

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Our comprehensive product portfolio features over 6000 chemicals from BASF including decorative paints, surface-applied treatments, colorants & inks, additives and raw materials. These are used in formulations for a number of industries, including coatings, construction, adhesives, printing and packaging, electronics and paper. With our technical know-how and extensive knowledge of the industry, we offer our customers innovative and sustainable solutions and help them advance their formulations.

At BTC we support our customers in transforming sustainability into concrete solutions and products that are in step with global trends and changing consumer behaviors. From eco-friendly packaging, furniture and flooring to automotive paints, we are your trusted partner for sustainable coatings solutions that achieve low CO2 emissions, reduce plastic waste and increase renewables.

Dispersions & Resins

BTC Europe supplies high-quality resins to a wide range of industries such as Architectural, Automotive and Industrial Coatings, Construction, Furniture & Flooring, and Printing and Packaging. Our solutions include crosslinkers and binders, as well as performance, functional and formulation additives. With our growing range of sustainable products, we support our customers in manufacturing in a resource-efficient, socially responsible, and ecologically reasonable way while bridging the gap between performance and sustainability.


Our highlight products / systems include:

  • Sovermol® polyol product family with up to 100% of renewables: Designed for industrial applications such as wind blades, pipeline coatings, protective coatings, UV-stable and decorative coatings, adhesives, and also flooring applications for example concrete flooring and sports flooring.
  • Joncryl® MB - Biomass Balance
  • Offering more sustainable packaging with renewable raw materials for inks and coatings, and all without the need to change your production setup.  BASF has established an approach to derive products from renewable raw materials: Certified renewable feedstock is used to replace 100% of the fossil resources at the beginning of the production process and is then allocated to sales products in the respective quantities. Without any compromises on quality or performance you can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75% or more.
  • Joncryl® 662 with up to 50% of renewables for water-based printing inks for pre- and post-print corrugated board and kraft paper applications.


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Performance & Formulation Additives

A comprehensive platform of leading Performance and Formulation Additives, brands and technologies, BASF is a premiere provider of Performance and Formulation Additives for the paints and coatings industry. With a comprehensive range of respected brands and a broad technology base of Dispersing Agents, Defoamers, Rheology Modifiers, Wetting Agents and Surface Modifiers, Film-forming Agents, Light Stabilizers, Antioxidants and Optical Brighteners. Our unique portfolio helps to enable performance-driven products, which are passionately designed to meet the latest and most stringent environmental regulations.


Our highlight products / systems include:

Foamaster® NO 2335 natural oil based defoamer with 97%** bio-based content.  Universal, highly efficient defoamer for water-based emulsion paints with matt to satin finish coatings and extremely low S-VOC content.

Hydropalat® WE 3130 Alkoxylated low foaming surfactant with 66%** bio-based content. Providing excellent substrate wetting in aqueous industrial, wood, automotive, architectural coatings and printing inks.

**14C measurement done according to ASTM D6866

Dispex® Ultra CX 4452 and Dispex® Ultra PX 4290 are both very effective dispersing agents especially for inorganic pigments, in particularly transparent iron oxides and fillers in aqueous coating formulations. This allows higher pigment loadings while excellent flow characteristics are maintained.

EFKA® SL 3230 is a new cost-effective, universal, high-performance slip & levelling agent especially designed for solvent-based and UV-curable wood and industrial coatings and printing inks.

Tinuvin® DW series now with improved stabiliser package.  BASF introduces the new Tinuvin® DW (N) range for enhanced light stabilising performance with all kinds of water-based applications.  Demand for additives in water-based applications has grown in the past two years. Thus, too, has the need to further improve product stability and ensure a sustainable labelling of BASF’s water-based light stabiliser dispersions, the Tinuvin® DW product series incorporating UV absorbers and HALS.

TINUVIN® 479  is a triazine UV Absorber with extremely high extinction coefficient; for highest durability requirements in clear coats, powder coatings or UV curing systems; specifically suited for thin film applications

TINUVIN® 123 is a liquid hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) based on an amino-ether functionality. Developed especially for high solids, acid catalysed automotive and industrial coatings, such as two-coat metallic thermosetting acrylate systems, or one-coat opaque thermosetting acrylate and polyester coatings. Its low basicity prevents possible interactions with acidic paint ingredients such as catalysts. Its efficiency provides significant improvement in coatings performance by minimising paint defects such as cracking and gloss reduction for clear coats as well as chalking for pigmented paints.


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Polyurethane Raw Materials 

Sovermol® natural oil-based polyol product family with up to 100% of renewables help you to comply with environmental standards while meeting even the toughest production regulations. Designed for industrial applications such as wind blades, pipeline coatings, protective coatings, adhesives as well as for flooring applications such as concrete flooring, sports flooring and UV-stable and decorative coatings.
What’s more, improving the environmental profile of your processes will make you more attractive to both existing and new customers. Sovermol® is part of our 2K PU offering.


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BASF’s plasticisers help make numerous products flexible in a wide variety of applications. At the same time, they ensure reliable protection against bad weather and extreme temperatures, helping the products to last longer, function better and maintain their value.


Biomass Balance (BMB): plasticiser portfolio
BASF’s Biomass Balance Approach contributes to the use of renewable raw materials in its integrated production system. In this process, renewable resources, such as bio-naphtha or bio-methane derived from organic waste or vegetable oils, are used as feedstock at the very beginning of the Production Verbund and are allocated to the respective sales products using a third party verified mass balance approach. The certified products thus contribute to sustain¬able development by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving fossil resources.


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Alcohols and oxygenated solvents from BASF act as important and sometimes indispensable auxiliaries for virtually all coating systems. Their uses are complex: they guarantee a high dissolution capacity for the coating components and ensure the gloss and flow of the paints. Optimum volatility can be adjusted through the specific mixing of various products.


BTC – your expert for sustainable solvents

BTC supplies the industry with a wide range of high-quality solvents. Continuous improvements in our sustainability performance and our broad technological expertise play an important role when it comes to designing environmentally sound, readily biodegradable solvents. We help our customers to operate in a sustainable manner as well as to meet quality, functionality and compliance requirements.


Our partnership with Nxt Levvel 

BTC Europe GmbH and NXTLEVVEL Biochem have recently signed an agreement on the distribution of biobased and biodegradable solvents derived from levulinic acid for the European market. Levulinic acid can serve as a versatile building block for chemicals and materials derived directly from biomass. Due to their broad solvency power, low volatility, high safety profile and biodegradability levulinate solvents offer a sustainable alternative to solvents based on fossil feedstock for a wide range of applications.

More information on the product portfolio can be found here.


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Polyisobutene (PIB)

Oppanol® BMBcert™ are another addition to the BioMass Balance products available from BASF, we strive to continuously enhance sustainability within our industries. That is why we launched our OPPANOL® B BMBcert™ Biomass Balanced portfolio. It is the first polyisobutene derived from 100% renewable feedstock delivering measurable CO2 savings. BASF’s certified OPPANOL® B BMBcert™ Biomass Balanced portfolio enable customers to differentiate their products from competition and helps towards achieving their sustainability goals. All of that without compromising on performance and quality.


Along with other useful properties, the cold flow of Oppanol® and Oppanol® BMBcert can enable a self-healing process of sealants and coatings.


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BTC Europe offers a wide range of colourants for use in a variety of applications such as architectural, automotive and industrial coatings, printing inks and many more. The ranges consist of powder organic and inorganic pigments, dyes and pre-dispersed liquid and powder pigment preparations for both water-based and solvent-based applications.


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Our Speakers

Martijn Fossen
Senior Commercial Marketing Manager Resins, BASF

Geoff Mackey
Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director, BASF

Tony Heslop
Senior Sustainability Manager, BASF


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