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A lubricant for all weight classes

What do vans and heavy-duty road vehicles have in common? For example, the constant strain on engines and axles, which makes a lubricant, which is not only efficient but also offers an extended service life, that much more important. “A long service life significantly increases the oil change intervals,” says Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe, Fuel & Lubricant Solutions at BTC.

Reliable high performance

BASF has a low-viscosity axle oil in its portfolio – Emgard® UAF 7131 – that has been developed especially for continuous strain. It protects axle drives reliably against wear and corrosion and, thanks to its improved oxidation and ageing stability, can easily handle extreme temperatures. 

Extended service life reduces consumption

The excellent oxidation stability of Emgard® UAF 7131 ensures an extended service life. The oil’s properties remain at high levels even during constant use. This also has a direct effect on consumption and related maintenance costs.

Small environmental impact and low consumption

“We are noticing a steady increase in demand related to the topics of environmental impact and consumption,” says Möller. The less frequently a lubricant has to be changed, the lower the amount of waste oil – and the less maintenance has to be performed. This is a topic which is of considerable significance in light of the growing market for transport logistics involving the retail sector and e-commerce. But Emgard® UAF 7131 is also ideally suited for use in sprinter vans. Thus, the transporter vehicles can take advantage of the benefits of an efficient and sustainable lubricant which covers medium-sized trucks to heavy-duty road vehicles in all weight classes.

Our expert

Gabriele Möller has been working in the chemicals industry for more than 35 years, during which time she has gathered experience in every central field, from purchasing to HR and sales. Personal experience makes her familiar with customers' needs and points of view: before joining BTC, Möller spent many years working for a retailer who was a BASF customer. Möller has officially been in the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division for ten years, but it has actually been much longer. “I have always been very mobile,” she says. She was one of the first young women of her generation to ride a motorcycle. Möller enjoys managing products that are easy for laypeople to understand, from coolants to brake fluids. At BTC, she is responsible for the entire strategic segment involving Fuel & Lubricant Solutions.

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