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Bright and shiny colours in the bathroom: dyes and pigments for shampoos, shower gels and liquid soaps

They can be found in every bathroom and are used on a daily basis: shampoos, shower gels and liquid soaps. The tremendous selection of colours, forms and fragrances pose quite a challenge to customers and thus the colour quite often serves as an orientation.

Link between colour and brand

Colours are becoming an increasingly important selling point, as the increased product choices and the trend to transparent packaging mean that the colours are the feature that customers remember and associate with the respective brand. “Fragrances and colours support the respective brand and ensure that customers find the products appealing and recognise them immediately,” summarises Gisela Herzog, Business Management Europe at BTC. 

High demands on dyes and pigments for personal care products

The selection is huge – from black shampoo to liquid soaps with salt from the Himalayas: there are no limits to the imagination. This puts high demands on the dyes and pigments in these products, one example being that they remain stable with regard to light and pH values when used in combination with surfactants or fragrances. “The consistency of shower gels and liquid soaps is another key factor, which is why pigments should not be fully liquid,” says Herzog in explaining an additional standard for dyes.

Internationally certified: Puricolor® dyes and pigments

The Puricolor® products for personal care items allow a wide range of applications and customised formulations. The high quality of the dyes and pigments is also demonstrated by the fact that the Puricolor® dyes and pigments are not susceptible to bacteria or fungi which allows them to be stored without problems. The product series complies with the EU cosmetics regulation and some with the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration and can therefore be sold and used internationally. Contact us if you want to use bright and shiny colours to set your products apart from the competition. 

Our Expert

Gisela Herzog was responsible for the Cleaning Agents division at BASF for almost 30 years, before shifting her focus to dyes three years ago. At BTC, she is responsible for Europe and the Near East. As a trained management assistant and long-time sales manager, she has always placed considerable importance on customer contact. “Colours are something positive,” she says. This division offers a wide range of combinations of topics and challenges, says Herzog – from procurement to marketing and direct contacts in the market. She likes to open talks with old business contacts from her network with the announcement: “'I'm here to put some colour into your lives.”

You can find additional information about Puricolor® and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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