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BTC portfolio: More than 700 products for better plastics

Plastics are wonderful materials: as well as being light, they can be stretched into any shape and size and dyed any colour of the rainbow. Without refinement, however, the base substances – such as polyolefins, styrene polymers and other high-performance plastics – are far from meeting all the needs of the production industry. Instead, it is thanks to plastic additives that garden chairs retain their colour and plastic roofs withstand weather conditions. The BTC Europe portfolio includes over such 700 products that improve every aspect of plastic. The wide range is ideal for manufacturers and product designers. “Our customers can see everything they need at a glance, with no need to put together the ingredients from ten other providers,” says Alfred Oertli, Business Manager Plastics Industry at BTC.

The second advantage is that BASF's decades of experience are behind every product. This is a big help in everyday business, for example when it comes to the question of whether the ingredients are in line with standards in the relevant country. “We know every detail of our products and are able to answer very specific questions at any time, for example on appropriate formulation for applications or product safety,” says Oertli. This comprehensive expertise acquired through decades of research and development is unique among our competitors.

Processing and heat stability

Most plastics, such as polyolefins, styrenes, elastomers, rubbers and technical resins, are vulnerable to decomposition during the production process. BTC offers a large range of process additives, stabilisers and co-stabilisers that help to protect raw materials from heat-related decomposition. Products under the Irganox®, Irgafos®, Luwax® and Hycite® brands are ideal for this purpose.


The BTC portfolio offers a unique selection of solutions that promise light and heat resistance and extensive UV protection over a long period. The latest technology allows products to be protected against the influence of heat, light and oxygen, which results in the fading of colours, crack formation and general decay. The solutions in this area include products under the Tinuvin®, Chimassorb® and Uvinul® brands, for example.


BTC customers have access to a wide range of chemicals that allow them to dye plastic and rubber exactly as they wish. The products include pigments (such as those in the Heliogen®, Cinquasia®, Irgalite®, Paliotol® and Chromophtal® product ranges), effect pigments (Magnapearl®, Mearlin®, Firmist®), pigment preparations (Microlene®, Microlith®) and dyes (Oracet®, Lumogen® F and IR). Our specially-produced colouring substances include both organic and inorganic pigments, mono-pigment concentrates, polymer-soluble dyes, effect pigments and other special preparations.

Special functions

BTC customers benefit from the opportunity to improve the quality of their plastic applications through special functions. BTC offers solutions for flame retardation with the Melapur® and Flamestab® ranges, for optical lightening (Tinopal®) and for recycling used plastics (Irganox®, Tinuvin®, Joncryl®). The use of Irgastat® makes antistatic properties possible, while polymers can be modified using products from the Joncryl®, Irgatec® and Irgasurf® ranges. All these products and technologies for improving plastics, elastomers and their end products can be ordered from the BTC experts.

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