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Dehypound® LLD 60 - A universal surfactant blend for commercial laundry

Entering the commercial laundry segment in emerging markets gets easier when you can lower the investments for production equipment and formulation development. The surfactant-blend Dehypound® LLD 60 supports this easier start. 

It can be used as a single raw material for the manufacture of liquid laundry detergents. The concentration is adjusted only by adding Dehypound® LLD 60 to water (ready-mixed with builders) and the other components for liquid laundry detergents (e.g. enzymes, dye transfer inhibitors, phosphonates and preservatives).

Dehypound® LLD 60 is useful for the manufacture of high-performing heavy-duty liquids, color liquids and special detergents for fine fabrics.

BASF has created several test formulations using Dehypound® LLD 60 to enable:

  • High performance for heavy-duty liquid and special detergents
  • Equal and even superior performance on tested stains 
  • Better production with limited equipment
  • Easy handling - cold process possible; no heating necessary
  • Logistical advantages thanks to a reduction of raw materials

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