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Innovative coatings at Eurocoat

Is there such a thing as colours that shine “whiter than white”? This question initially may sound a little odd, but with the help of innovative chemistry, the answer is: absolutely. For this purpose, BASF offers the Glacier family pearlescent pigments. The new generation of titanium dioxide-coated synthetic mica has high luster and brightness and yields a “whiter” white appearance in many applications such as coatings, plastics and printing inks. This effect pigment has a bluish reflection to create white to black shades without the yellowing appearance of many traditional and older-generation synthetic mica pearlescent pigments. It is just one of the many products presented by BTC Europe, the sales company of BASF, at the Eurocoat in Paris at the stand C04 ‒ a trade fair for coatings, held from 23rd to 25th September 2014.

This concerns customers from France and French-speaking countries. “We are presenting to them a broad range of BASF chemicals with all the latest offers in Dispersions, Resins, Additives and Colorants”, says Sylvie Matzkowski, Head of Sales BTC West for Coatings & Plastics. 

BTC will present its focus product lines in a conference (Euroclip on September 25th at 11:00) with three experts, in addition to the discussions at the trade fair stand. 

The subjects for this Euroclip will be the following:

  • Effect Pigments: New developments in the field of the BASF effect pigment family, showing our new Glacier family, Mearlin Star Pearl, Lumina Royal series and the new colors Firemist Velvet.
  • Pigment Preparations with a focus on Luconyl NG and their environmental compliance (Normes NF, Ecolabel)
  • Formulation Additives: Focus on new dispersing agents for pigments

“This gathering at the Eurocoat is very important for customers”, says Sylvie Matzkowski. “The trade fair not only offers the chance to converse with BTC but also to meet many other suppliers active in your industry. There is also scope for intensive expert discussions. Our experts can be of immediate assistance if any technical issues are raised.”

The BTC Solutions for the Coatings Industry are here available for download: Solutions_for_Coatings_V7_EN.pdf

You can find additional information and contact your local BTC contact partner directly using the Solution Finder at www.btc-europe.com.

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