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Liquid Mono Doses - Small and Efficient

In order to save time for household tasks, consumers expect effective and convenient laundry detergents. Liquid mono doses are a response to these consumer needs. They allow effective stain removal at reduced dosages, but also present formulation challenges.

These compact formats require a higher concentration of wash-active substances – the challenge is to keep the formulation stable without compromising the flexibility of using different neutralization agents.

Key ingredients to meet these extreme requirements are the nonionic surfactants Lutensol® AO types, Lutensol® M types, and Dehydol® LT types. In addition, polymers such as Sokalan® HP 56 K, Sokalan® HP 20, and the optical brightener Tinopal® CBS-CL can be easily included to provide clear formulations with versatile solutions for innovative liquid mono doses.

Benefits for use in liquid mono doses:

  • Sokalan® HP 56 K: Excellent dye transfer inhibition (DTI) of direct and indirect dyes
  • Sokalan® HP 20: Perfect stain removal on bleachable and clay stains
  • Tinopal® CBS-CL: Outstanding white effect even at low temperatures and in short washing cycles

Your choices – your claims:

  • Remove tough stains with Sokalan® HP 20
  • Restore whites with Tinopal® CBS-CL
  • Color care with Sokalan® HP 56 K
  • Clean and color care with Sokalan® HP 56 K and Sokalan® HP 20
  • Clean and brighten with Tinopal® CBS-CL and Sokalan® HP 20

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