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Online survey on customer satisfaction: your opinion is important to us!

Measuring customer satisfaction and increasing it based on the results has been part of Quality Management’s work at BTC for many years. Until now, this has been done every two to three years in an extensive telephone survey. Now the process is being complemented by a more compact but ongoing survey in anonymised form. “We hope that this will give us a constant barometer for the quality of our services. Participants only have to invest two to three minutes in their responses,” says Heiko Baumann, Quality Manager Europe at BTC.

Survey on request with personal feedback

The survey can be accessed via the BTC website. The participants are asked for their assessment of three core areas at BTC: order processing, customer advice in the form of technical service, and delivery service. Their response is recorded on a five-level scale, from “very satisfied” to “completely unsatisfied”. BTC also asks the customers to state whether they would recommend BTC to others. “Those who want to can also use the free text field to tell us what improvements they think BTC should make. There is also the option of entering contact details if they would like feedback from us,” says Heiko.

Customer orientation is the goal

The survey also asks which country the participant comes from. “This information is not personalised, but it helps us to isolate any problems locally and to resolve them quickly,” says Heiko. He sees the speed of feedback as the greatest advantage compared to telephone surveys. “Although a telephone survey is extremely detailed, it is always just a snapshot of that moment. The online survey can be repeated at any time and as often as we like, so it shows us what we can improve in plenty of time. That means we can use customer preferences to guide us even better.”

To Online Survey

We want your opinion: Please follow this link to take part in the online survey.

Our expert:

After completing his studies in Business Information Systems, Heiko Baumann worked at BASF in Ludwigshafen for two years before joining BTC in December 2004. He first came across the topic of measuring customer satisfaction in various operative roles in Sales and Business Management. Baumann has been European Quality Manager since 1st January 2015. And although his team's efforts often go unnoticed by customers, they are crucial. “Our work allows them to discuss products and solutions with the BTC sales partners. We ensure that all supporting processes run smoothly.”

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