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Paliotan® lead free pigments now available from BTC

A unique replacement for lead chromate pigments

Paliotan® lead free pigments now available from BTC

Our new range of Paliotan® pigments comes closer than ever to replicating the intensity of lead chromates – without the need of lead. Using unique BASF raw materials, these hybrid pigments not only offer stunning, vibrant colours. They are also tough enough for the most general industrial applications, including ACE.

With the constant demands from both industry and international regulating bodies for environmentally friendly materials and processes, replicating the intensity of lead-based colorants without using lead has up to now, been extremely difficult and challenging. Our new Paliotan® hybrid pigments have fundamentally changed that situation. Drawing on the resources of our extensive product portfolio, Paliotan® hybrid pigments have been specifically designed for our industrial market applications. We have managed to formulate high quality products at realistic price/performance levels that would be unachievable by conventional routes. Paliotan® pigments eliminate the need to add lead chromates to your processes to achieve the colour intensity you are looking for. Using sustainable chemistry and without requiring significant adaptation of your formulations, these unique products even match the colour strength and weathering resistance properties of lead chromate pigments. And all at an extremely affordable price.

Deep, vibrant, tough and affordable colours without lead.