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Pigment preparations: A non-hazardous solution for dyeing high-quality fibreboard and particle board (MDF/HDF)

Colours are not only a key design element for medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and particle board, they are also used for identification. A particle board dyed green shows, for example, that the board has been treated against moisture absorption and is therefore suitable for use in bathrooms. Compared to traditional dyes which may be hazardous to health, innovative pigment preparations are an excellent choice for colouring wooden boards.

REACH registration: Pigment preparations available in large quantities

The new REACH registration process has led to a reduced choice of dyes. Particularly large quantities of dyes from non-European manufacturers intended for import to Europe are essentially no longer available, while the stricter regulation has also resulted in several suppliers rescinding their registration. This is where the Dispers® products come in. The innovative pigment preparations comply with all conditions of the Europe-wide regulation and can also be easily procured in larger quantities.

Technical properties of pigment preparations for dyeing particle board and fibreboard

Along with the fact that the pigment preparations are registered in REACH, they also provide numerous advantages from a technical perspective when compared to traditional dyes. Using Dispers® Green 8744 as an example:

  • No classification in GHS (Global Harmonized System)
  • Heat stability up to 240° C
  • High resistance to fading
  • Easily cleaned with water without leaving any stains
  • Neutral pH value

The Dispers® portfolio provides comprehensive support when dyeing MDF, HDF and chipboard. Is your desired colour not included in the range of colours? No problem. We provide many other colours available upon request.

Our expert

Isabel Hirschmuller can look back at 30 years of professional experience in the Pigments business in a wide variety of industries and application areas. Customers and their needs have and will always be the focus of her work.  After working at Ciba Geigy, Habasit and BASF in various positions, she has been supporting the sales organisation for this product group at BTC since 2015 as Senior Market Development Manager for Pigment preparations. Colour and design play a very important role in her professional and everyday life.

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