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Revolutionary dosing system Xfast® Easy Color

BTC’s Xfast® pigment preparations are among the most innovative colourants on the market. We also take innovative approaches to dosing with our Xfast® dispenser.

As free-flowing and fully dispersed granular products, the Xfast® pigment preparations are suitable for a wide range of coating applications – from indoor and outdoor paints that are low in harmful substances to wood applications. We also provide simple and reliable dosing options.

The new campaign “Reach out to the future” introduces the dispensing machine XF200 for our innovative solid dispensing system Xfast® Easy Color. The newly developed dispenser doses directly into the base paint and tackles three of the major cost factors of liquid systems: service, colorant viscosity changes and sedimentation. Read how using Xfast® instead of liquid colorants, improves the convenience of point-of-sale (POS) dosing systems for our customers and reduces costs significantly. The innovative XF200 dispenser will be commercially available in August, enabling paint manufacturers to revolutionize the market for decorative paints and coatings.

The dry dosing system Xfast® Easy Color comes with benefits like clean and easy handling, scarcely any colorant waste or service needed. It also eliminates several issues, time-consuming tasks and costs of working with liquids. Dosing problems like purging, dry out, miss tints or viscosity change in the colorant are prevented.

Inside the dispenser there are 16 to 24 PE-canisters, containing our solid colorant Xfast®. The canisters are connected to the XF200 through a click-in adapter, allowing quick, easy and clean refilling. Due to the dry system, minimum residual material remains in the canisters, which leads to considerably less waste.

Designed for the use of all commercial size paint buckets, two scales have been implemented in the new machine. Firstly, this allows dispensing a solid colorant mix for the coloration of up to 35 kg base paint; secondly, a precise scale enables the dosage of small weights from 0.5 to 6 kg.

Below the link to our promotion youtube-video “Reach out to the future”:


You can find additional information about Xfast® on the Xfast® website or directly using our website for architectural coatings industry. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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