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Trilon® M: The sustainable chelating agent

In the EU, the conventional chelating agent nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) is subject to the harmonized classification in accordance with the CLP Regulation. This classification leads to an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly alternatives. These include the high-performance chelating agents in the Trilon® M series. “Those aiming to control the hardness of water with their product, for example in laundry detergents, products for car maintenance or industrial water cycles, can easily replace NTA with Trilon® M,” says Sabine Both, Senior Technical Expert Home Care, I&I and Industrial Solutions at BTC.

One-to-one exchange of NTA possible

Trilon® M has just as strong a capacity for binding calcium as NTA does, making the solution an equivalent replacement for NTA. Formulators can choose between three product versions: While Trilon® M is ideally suited for standard applications, the “Max” and “Ultimate” versions offer additional benefits, for example in terms of formulation capabilities or glass corrosion protection for use in dishwasher detergents. All three versions are available in liquid and solid form.

Advantages of Trilon® M at a glance

When you opt for our innovative chelating agent, you can rely on these properties:

  • It is readily biodegradable (OECD 301).
  • It is highly effective in dissolving organic and inorganic deposits.
  • It can be used flexibly in both acidic and alkaline formulations.
  • It meets the requirements of the EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • Trilon® M Granules, Trilon® M Max Granules and Trilon® M Ultimate Granules are less hygroscopic than other chelating agents, which extends their shelf life.

You can find additional information about Trilon® M and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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