Innovative omega-3 softgels: Fruit flavour instead of a fishy taste

  • The positive effect of omega-3 fatty acids on the human body is scientifically proven.
  • BTC offers innovative Omega-3 Bursts capsules in its portfolio.
  • They are easier to handle than comparable products and are suitable for all age groups (from 3 years of age).

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for human health and, above all, they have a positive effect on the heart, brain and eyes. Yet many people do not consume enough omega-3, which is where dietary supplements come in. However, they must be made in a way that makes them easy and pleasant to consume.

The omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPS) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), mainly found in fish oil, have been the subject of countless studies over the past decades. It has been scientifically proven that these fatty acids support the development and function of the brain and the eyes and increased intake is therefore recommended during pregnancy and during infancy. EPA and DHA can also play a role in preventing cardiovascular disease, dementia and they help alleviate inflammation, thereby making them important for adults, especially those of advanced age.

EPA and DHA intake is often insufficient

Many people do not consume enough of these particular omega-3 fatty acids. “In some regions around Europe, people still do not consume enough fish and seafood,” says Kathrin Kornek, Technical Sales Manager for the Human Nutrition Europe division at BTC. “Few people actually succeed in including a serving of fish in their diet at least once a week. And even one portion of fish is often not enough to actually take full advantage of all the positive effects EPA and DHA have on our body.” This is especially true for people who have opted for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Along with dietary habits, there are other possible reasons behind an insufficient consumption of fish:

  • Lack of knowledge or awareness of the benefits of EPA and DHA for our lives
  • Concerns about environmental contaminants in fatty fish (especially during pregnancy). Important: This does not apply to highly purified dietary supplements or edible oils
  • Allergies and food intolerances

People looking to increase their intake of EPA and DHA can find a wide range of dietary supplements and functional foods on the market. However, there are issues when it comes to consumer acceptance. Capsules available at stores or pharmacies are often quite large and therefore difficult to swallow, while many products have a pronounced fishy smell and (after)taste. New varieties, such as sugar-coated gummy bears, generally do not contain a sufficient concentration of fatty acids. It is also difficult to clearly distinguish them from “regular” sweets and this can create the wrong impression that sweets can be healthy – although these sweets commonly contain plenty of sugar and low nutrient concentrations.


Softgels in four flavours

BTC offers manufacturers of dietary supplements a range of suitable solutions. Newly introduced to the market are the innovative Omega-3 Bursts softgels which release omega-3 fatty acids when chewed. These small, sugar-free capsules are available in four flavours: Mint, Lemon Lime, Orange and Tropical. They are based on an innovative technology and contain carefully processed, high-quality, highly concentrated ingredients (375 mg omega-3 fatty acids, of which 315 mg EPA/DHA per 3 capsules). Benefits for the consumer:

  • No fishy taste
  • No fishy aftertaste
  • Suitable for the entire family (from 3 years of age)
  • No water needed after swallowing

Logo, product name and packaging size and design can be customised according to manufacturer’s wishes. 

“The significant difference to comparable products is that you simply do not taste the fish oil and that just three capsules provide the recommended intake of at least 250 mg EPA and DHA,” says nutrition expert Kornek. Her recommendation to better absorb the fat-soluble ingredients: “It’s best to take them right after a meal, as this triggers the digestive enzymes. And the mint flavour is the ideal breath freshener after lunch.”

The latter is also verified by qualitative and quantitative market studies which BASF primarily conducted in the USA, Brazil and China. The studies showed that consumers described Omega-3 Bursts capsules as having a refreshing and pleasant taste. A majority perceives them as a unique and innovative product that is effective and easy to consume, and they are sugar-free.

Benefits for the customer: Customers purchasing Omega-3 Bursts receive a ready-to-consume product that only needs to be repackaged and marketed.

BTC also offers omega-3 fatty acids as a raw material for other products which are available in various qualities as highly concentrated oils or microencapsulated powder. The benefits:

  • Long shelf life
  • Easy handling
  • Vegan/vegetarian alternative made from algae also available
  • Satisfies the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements

Additional information on enriching foods and dietary supplements with omega-3 products from BASF.

Our Expert

Kathrin Kornek has been working for BTC as Technical Sales Manager for the Human Nutrition Europe sector since 2017. Prior to this, she studied ecotrophology and food sciences in Fulda, Hamburg and Warsaw. She is fascinated by the question as to how nutrition contributes to a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sharing her expertise in this area: “I am the technical contact for our customers and answer all questions on the subject of Health Ingredients.”