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Agro chemical additives > for seed treatment

It‘s essential to indicate treated seed by colour to preclude the inadvertent use in food. Our range fulfills the specific requirements of the agricultural industry regarding product purity, constant composition and country-specific regulations.

Surfactants for seed treatment

Brands for seed treatment surfactants

Tetramethyldecynediol (TMDD)

Dispex® Ultra

Properties and applications

Brands and chemicals used as wetting agents and low foaming surfactants:
Agnique® LVA / TXI, Lutensol® XP / XL / TO, Plurafac® LF, Tetramethyldecynediol  (TMDD)


Pluronic® PE, Tamol®, Dispex®, Dispex® Ultra are used as dispersants.

Colours for seed treatment

The availability of a broad range of dyes & pigments as well as pigment preparations allows the realization of a huge variety of colours, covering the complete colour space. BTC’s range of dyes, dedicated to agricultural applications, is suitable for the colouration of seed treatment and crop protection products.

Brands of seed treatment colours









Magna® Pearl


Properties and applications

BTC’s product ranges of Iragon®, Basacid® and Puricolor® are dyes, available either in liquid or powder form.

Xfast® and Pigmosol® products are a pigment preparations.

Luconyl® types are aqueous preparations of organic and inorganic pigments.

Dispers® and Unisperse® products are aqueous preparations of organic pigments.

Magna® Pearl and Lumina® are inorganic mica-based effect pigments

Binders for seed treatment

Our binders are used in the encrusting and pelleting stage of the seed treatment.

Brands of seed treatment binders




Properties and applications of seed treatment binders

The Luwax® range comprises Polyethylene waxes.

The Poligen® range comprises Polyethylene wax emulsions.

Acronal® types are water-based emulsions.

Other additives for seed treatment

Additives such as de-foamers or rheology modifiers are used in the encrusting and pelleting stage of the seed treatment. Micronutrients improve the nutrient uptake.

Brands of seed treatment additives






Tetramethyldecynediol (TMDD)


Properties and applications of seed treatment additives

Chaufer®, Libfer® and Librel® products improve the crops appearance and increase the yield.

Foamaster® and FoamStar® types are used as defoamers.

Tetramethyldecynediol (TMDD) is used as an additive in wettable powders and flowable pesticide systems. TMDD has good wetting properties due to its excellent surface tension reduction. Used as defoaming surfactant it reduces surface defects like bubbles, pinholes, etc.

Rheovis® products are used as rheology modifiers.

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the agricultural industry consist of additves for crop protection, for seed treatment, for fertilizer, which are solvents & cosolvents,  surfactants, colourants, and more. In addition the product portfolio contains products suitable for the synthesis of agrochemical specific active ingredients.


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