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LycoVit® is a beta-carotenoid used in several dietary supplement, beverage and food applications. Color is often the first sensory interaction a consumer has with a product, prior to tasting or smelling it. LycoVit® helps to create an alluring, visually appetizing product with a red hue. LycoVit® adds brilliance and vibrancy to beverages and food without the warning label - it is a safe, highly effective substitute for azo dyes (also known as artificial colors). LycoVit® is also the ideal alternative for natural lycopene from tomatoes since it offers a superior cost-benefit-ratio.



Properties of Lycopene


  • available in powder form as well as oily dispersion
  • good stability against heat, light, and oxygen exposure
  • bright and vivid red hue
  • allergen-free, vegetarian, vegan, cold-water dispersible and direct compressible grades available
  • complies with highest quality standards and regulatory requirements

Applications of Lycopene

For applications in the dietary supplement industry BTC offers a direct compressible grade which is suitable for multi-vitamin tablets and hard gelatine capsules. For the use in soft gelatine capsules the dispersion is recommended. 

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium sized customers. Our product range covers selected speciality chemicals and performance polymers to a variety of industries as well as raw materials and additives for the pharma, food, animal nutrition and personal care industry. 

Our solutions for the human nutrition industry cover health ingredients like vitamins, plant sterols, carotenoids, Omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid, besides others. As food additives we offer antioxidants, emulsifiers, whipping emulsifiers, baking enzymes, functional fat powders, and lipids.