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PeptAIde? > for food fortification

The new generation of peptides.
Identified by artificial intelligence, PeptAIde™ contains a unique set of plant-based peptides that specifically help modulate inflammation. The immune-modulating effect is supported by in vitro studies and immune biomarker measurements in healthy adults.

The role of nutrition in sports has an important function in meeting consumers’ needs associated with physical performance, exercise stress and recovery. It is well known that physical exercise stress stimulates inflammatory processes in the body. Consumers also understand the connection between sports, post-workout and inflammation. But solutions regarding physical recovery given by sports nutrition are still developing. Especially plant-based solutions are of interest as they are considered as purer and healthier.  

Our PeptAIde™ provides an outstanding protein hydrolysate with additional functionality, easily accessible amino acids with low allergenic potential and immune modulating potential to address the needs of active consumers. 

What makes BASF’s PeptAIdeTM unique?

PeptAIde™ is the first plant-based protein hydrolysate identified by artificial intelligence containing a unique set of peptides that specifically help modulate inflammation. PeptAIde™ provides an outstanding protein hydrolysate with easily accessible amino acids with low allergenic potential and immune modulating effect that help you post workout. It is your opportunity for differentiation and competitive advantage.

Physiological importance of PeptAIde

Nutritional modulation of inflammation by affecting biomarkers: 

  • IP-10
  • TNF-α / IL-6
  • Nitrogen oxides



Properties of PeptAIde™

  • Powder form 
  • Best-in-class flowability, dispersibility and stability
  • Complies with highest quality standards and regulatory requirements
  • Great sensorial properties 
  • Easily digestible protein source
  • Does not use allergen materials 
  • Vegan
  • Low fat, low carbohydrate

Applications of PeptAIde™

PeptAIde™ is produced from natural brown rice and its mild plant protein taste makes it an ideal fit for various sports nutrition formats, like sports bars, concentrations & shots, sachets, powders & pre-mix, gel & emulsion…and many more.
The peptide powder is versatile and can be easily used with other protein sources and typical sports nutrition ingredients.

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