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Clean and sustainable roof coatings with Acronal® PLUS 6257

Good adhesion, watertight, elastic: These qualities make Acronal® PLUS 6257 an excellent raw material for the production of liquid applied flat roof coating membranes.

Much easier than bituminous roof sheets

The European flat roof market is still widely dominated by bituminous sheets. Although the sheets are robust, heating, welding, and adhering them is very labour-intensive, while working with an open flame is dangerous. In contrast, flexible roof coatings based on Acronal® PLUS 6257 are applied conveniently and easily in liquid form and processed to form a seamless protective membrane. Most importantly: Compared to other roof coatings, those based on Acronal® PLUS 6257 have a less intrusive odour and are solvent-free, making them safer and more environmentally sustainable. “Such acrylic high performance roof coatings are mechanically stable, highly flexible and easy to apply. That’s the reason for the gradual switch from bitumen to liquid applied membranes,” says Klaus Braun, Business Manager Dispersions for Adhesives & Construction Europe at BTC Europe. Another area of application is in renovating old bituminous roof sheets.

Flexible, durable and clean

Acronal® PLUS 6257 allows the production of flat roof coating solutions that meet the “European Technical Approval Guidelines for Liquid Applied Waterproofing Kits” (ETAG 005). A key factor is that, even at temperatures of -20°C, the sheets prevent the coating from becoming brittle and provide long-lasting resistance to mechanical influences – the roof remains waterproof and is protected by the coating for many years. Further benefits include a very low dirt pickup and good adhesion: Coatings based on Acronal® PLUS 6257 adhere particularly well to concrete, bitumen, as well as wood. If required, the application properties can be further improved through adding additives.

Cooler roofs for greater housing comfort

Another positive effect of the white liquid applied waterproofing membrane is that, thanks to its light colour, flat roof coatings based on Acronal® Plus 6257 also offer outstanding sun reflection – especially compared to dark bituminous solutions. Roof coatings solutions based on Acronal® PLUS 6257 reflect up to 85% of solar heat, noticeably reducing the warming of the building. This helps to naturally create a more pleasant atmosphere for the building's inhabitants and ultimately reduces energy costs for cooling.

Acronal® PLUS 6257 combines particularly well with the following raw materials from BTC:

  • Additives for improving the processing properties, such as Rheovis®, Dispex®, FoamStar®
  • Heat management pigment preparations, such as Luconyl®, xFast®

You can find additional information and contact your local BTC contact partner directly using the Solution Finder at www.btc-europe.com.

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