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Excellent lubricity in every application: Breox® TB

Outstanding performance, minimal friction, excellent thermal and oxidative stability – there are many reasons why the Breox® product range is ideally suited as a lubricant. Breox® belongs to the family of synthetic lubricants which are based on polyalkylene glycol (PAG). These are generally used when operating conditions go above and beyond the performance of other synthetic and mineral-based oils. These polyalkylene glycol-based oils ensure that processes run smoothly at all types of industrial plants. An important factor, among others, is the viscosity the lubricants have. With Breox® TB 120/150/195, BTC offers a range of water-soluble PAGs featuring various viscosity levels. “The Breox® TB series comprises the water-soluble products made from Breox® 75W. Formulators thus save one step in the process and the products are easier to use,” says Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe at BTC for the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division. 

Sustainable and biostable 

Using base oils from the Breox® series allows formulators to produce their own specific end products. Proven applications include the use as a thickening agent in fire-resistant hydraulic fluids: The Breox® types TB 120/150/195 all display excellent thickening properties, they are very effective when it comes to corrosion protection and they reduce the risk of fire. However, above all, the oil is particularly compatible for use with hoses and seals, which in turn reduces the risk of wear. “Lubricants with Breox® are very stable and thus do not have to be replaced as often as conventional ones,” says Möller. “This provides the oils with a very high degree of sustainability, especially since they are also biostable.”

Use as a polymer in hardening agents 

Another possible application: Breox® TB 120/150/195 is also suited for use as a polymer in hardening agents, hence for surface treatment, for example in metal processing. This is where Breox® lubricants can make the best of their water solubility. By increasing or decreasing the concentration, the ideal formulation for any type of application can be created. “Breox® provides the end product with excellent lubricity in all of these cases, in every concentration and different viscosities,” Möller summarises.

Additional information

The following products are included in the Breox® TB series:

  • Breox® TB 120
    60% water-soluble solution of Breox 75 W 55000
    viscosity of 2,600 mm²/s at 40°C 
  • Breox® TB 150
    60% water-soluble solution of Breox 75 W 18000
    viscosity of 2,850 mm²/s at 40°C
  • Breox® TB 195
    60% water-soluble solution of Breox 75 W 18000
    viscosity of 850 mm²/s at 40°C

Our Expert

Gabriele Möller has been working in the chemicals industry for more than 35 years, during which time she has gathered experience in every central field, from purchasing to HR and sales. Personal experience makes her familiar with customers' needs and points of view: before joining BTC, Möller spent many years working for a retailer who was a BASF customer. Möller has officially been in the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division for ten years, but it has actually been much longer. “I have always been very mobile,” she says. She was one of the first young women of her generation to ride a motorcycle. Möller enjoys managing products that are easy for laypeople to understand, from coolants to brake fluids. At BTC, she is responsible for the entire strategic segment involving Fuel & Lubricant Solutions.

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