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Sokalan® HP 20 in Liquid Monodoses

The Perfect Ingredient

Every household wants the washing process to be convenient. Liquid Monodoses provide not only easy handling but they also help consumers to save energy by lowering the washing temperature without compromising on performance. BASF’s expertise in high-performance ingredients enables you to formulate concentrated laundry detergents to meet these consumer challenges.

Sokalan® HP 20 supports the trend towards concentrated formulations with the best cleaning results for difficult stains.

The advantages of the BASF’s water soluble polymer, Sokalan® HP 20, for liquid laundry detergents are:

  • Excellent performance at low temperatures
  • Improved performance of clay and oxidizable/bleachable stains
  • Anti-graying of textiles
  • No CLP labeling
  • Easy to formulate in ultra-high concentrated liquid monodoses
  • Clear and stable formulations

You can find additional information about Sokalan® HP 20 and contact your local BTC partner directly using our website for your industry.

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