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BTC supplies small and medium sized customers with innovative BASF enzymes. Together with our customers we develop tailor-made solutions and on demand we support our customers in all laboratory and application-related questions.

Enzymes used in formulations for laundry and detergents are meanwhile mandatory products to enhance the cleaning efficiency. Enzymes are macromolecular biochemical catalysts and accelerate chemical reactions, thus the degradation of specific soil types is enhanced. Protease, for example, which is the first class of enzymes that BASF launched in 2016 with the tradename Lavergy® PRO , is used for removing protein based stains, such as egg, blood, milk, blueberry and grass, especially in cold washing temperatures below 30°C. 

Lavergy® enzymes are developed based on BASF capabilities in enzyme discovery, screening, modification and comprehensive knowledge. With Lavergy®, BASF combines enzymes and chemistry to enable sustainable performance for formulations today and in future.

Industry-specific solutions

Customers from different industries have different requirements and needs. BTC‘s in–depth industry knowledge is the basis for tailor-made solutions for our customers in terms of profitability and quality.

For further information please contact your responsible BTC experts

Compatible products to our enzymes

Our Lavergy® enzymes can be used advantageously in combination with our BTC product ranges for