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Effect pigments > for the colouration of plastics

BTC’s wide range of effect pigments provides unique possibilities for designers to innovate with attractive effects and shades.


Magnapearl®, Mearlin®, Lumina®, Firemist®, Glacier®, Mearlite®, Graphitan®


MagnaPearl® effect pigments are pearlescent pigments which are specially engineered to deliver superior whiteness, brilliance and coverage. They are available in a variety of particle sizes. MagnaPearl® pigments create extraordinary optical effects ranging from a fine-grained luster to a bold silvery-white sparkle.

Mearlin® luster effect pigments are pearlescent pigments. They are mica platelets coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide providing both, colour and exciting visual effects to a variety of plastics applications.

Lumina® colours are mica-based effect pigments that create intriguing and dramatic visual effects in a wide variety of applications. They show high chromacity, colour purity and clarity.

Firemist® effect pigments are patented borosilicate-based pigments. They bring products to life with brilliant colour and glittering effects. Firemist® effect pigments create an exceptionally high visual impact. They are specially formulated to out-perform traditional pearlescent pigments in chroma, colour purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity.

Mearlite® luster effect pigments impart a range of optical effects from a soft, satin luster to a sharp, metallic brilliance in plastics, coatings and inks. These effects are due to plate-like crystals of bismuth oxychloride that have a silver-white and transparent appearance.


BTC’s effect pigments find use in a wide field for the colouration of plastics. They are also suitable for a variety of other industries including the automotive industry as well as the agriculture, building & construction, electrical & electronics, packaging and textiles & fibres industry. They find also applications in newly emerging markets.


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