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Humectants and hydrotropes > for various cosmetic applications

Humectants are hygroscopic substances which moisture the skin to prevent dry-out. They are also used as co-solvents for various actives.


1,2 Propylene, Dipropylene, Pluracare®


Propylene glycol is specially manufactured as a high-purity, odor-free grade to meet the requirements of the cosmetics industry.
Dipropylene glycol is an organic solvent which is immiscible or not freely miscible with aliphatic and terpene hydrocarbons.
The Pluracare® E grades are water-soluble polyether alcohols. The Pluracare® F grades are non-ionic surfactants which consist of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide.
The Pluracare® L grades are nonionic surfactants.


Propylene Glycol Care is used in the manufacture of mouthwashes, toothpastes, ointments, skin creams, shampoos and perfumes. Solutions of the ingredients for these products in Propylene Glycol usually remain clear even when they are highly diluted with water.
Dipropylene Glycol Care is used as humectant in applications where particular value is attached to maintain the moisture content at a constant value regardless of fluctuations in temperature and atmospheric humidity.
The Pluracare® grades can be used as solubliziers, emulsifiers, viscosity control agent etc. in a variety of cosmetic applications.