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Formic acid > for animal nutrition

The effect of BTC’s formic acid Amasil®, in particular on bacteria, derives from its action in lowering the pH and from a bactericidal effect of the formate anion. Formate has a protein denaturing action. Lactic acid bacteria and moulds are relatively resistant to formic acid.




Amasil® 85 is highly effective in the applications, but as a corrosive liquid it requires special safety measures for transport, storage, handling and use.
Amasil® NA is a partly buffered formic acid. Therefore, the product is only irritant, easier to handle, and has a reduced odour compared to pure formic acid.


Amasil® products are used as feed additives

  • for preservation and in vivo acidification,
  • for acidification of milk and dairy products, and
  • as silage additives.