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Plant sterols > for food, dietary supplements and beverages

Phytosterols are steroid compounds, which appear in the membrane of plants. The chemical structure is similar to Cholesterin, but has an additional chain and a double bond in the structure. Naturally Phytosterols are found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and grains. The best known types are ß-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol, brassicasterol. Sterols occur also in an esterified form with natural plant oils. This form makes it easier to handle the product for food or encapsulated applications.
The health effect of Phytosterols is based on the ability to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases. High cholesterol levels are the main contribution factor to the development of coronary heart diseases. Due to an increased LDL-cholesterin level the risk for atherosclerosis rises. The cholesterol deposits on the vessel wall narrow the vessel so that the blood flow is disturbed. Consequently the risk for myocardial infarction/coronary heart diseases and stroke is increased.
The probable mechanisms are visible at the intestinal level, as the absorption of cholesterol in the gut is reduced. Another effect is the inhibition or competition with the enzyme pancreatic cholesteryl esterase.
The two effects result in a lower adsorption of cholesterol in the corp.
1-3 g/d of plant sterols/plant sterol esters results in ~7-12% LDL cholesterol reduction. With the daily human diet we consume ~160 – 400 mg/d out of natural components.




Vegapure® is available in oil and powder form.
Stability: The products are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen. Therefore the storage in a tightly sealed, lightproof packaging at a cool place is recommended. After opening the package, the product should be used as quickly as possible.
The Vegapure® products for food applications are stable for 12 month stored in the unopened original packaging at refrigerated conditions (4-8°C) to maintain the fresh taste in food.
For dietary supplements, where the sensory is less important, the Vegapure® products should be stored under ambient conditions (below 25°C) for 24 month.


The Vegapure® product range is intended for use in functional food and functional dairy food products. The Vegapure® products are almost neutral in taste and odour.
The oily grades of the product are suitable for the applications in margarines and products on fat/oil base.
The powder grades can be used for applications like bread enriched with sterols.
Selected grades of the Vegapure® product line are intended for usage in cloudy functional beverages such as fruit juices. The product is almost neutral in taste and odour.
The Vegapure® product range can also be used for dietary supplements. The oily grades of the product can be used for soft-gelatin capsules or liquid preparations. Potential applications for grades in powder form are tablets, hard shell capsules, pH neutral instant powder mixes or nutrition bars. Some grades are not recommended for use in tablets because they will not withstand the pressure applied during the high-speed tableting.