Lipid layer enhancer > as pearlizers, consistency factors and emulsifiers

Lipid layer enhancers are essential ingredients to prevent the skin from drying out. Washing cleanses the skin, but also removes its natural and important lipidic layer. Lipid layer enhancers are therefore essential ingredients in shower, bath and baby products, preventing the lipidic layer from being washed away and the skin from drying out.


Cetiol®, Eumulgin®, Lamesoft®, Monomuls®


Cetiol®, Eumulgin®, Lamesoft® and Monomuls® tpyes are used as lipid layer enhancer in surfactant type washing and cleansing preparations, and as viscosity formation in aqueous surfactant solutions.


With its Lamesoft® and Cetiol® brands, BTC offers various lipid layer enhancers for cleansing products. Lipid layer enhancers find use in shower bath and baby products.
In addition Monomuls® 90 L 12 is used as perlizing agent and consistency wax.