Solubilizers > for lipophilic substances in aqueous cosmetic formulations

BTC’s solubilizer range is a comprehensive portfolio that allows customers to solubilize a wide range of lipophilic substances in different media, including water, alcohol and surfactant systems.


Emulgin®, Cetiol®, Cremophor®


Many aqueous and ethanolic cosmetic formulations contain lipophilic ingredients such as fragrances or essential oils. Incorporating these ingredients in formulations requires highly effective solubilizers. Solubilization is an essential process that ideally results in crystal clear systems.


Emulgin®, Cetiol® and Cremophor® solubilizers for lipophilic substances are used in shampoos, foam and shower baths, alcohol containing cosmetics, gels, hand cleaning pastes, skin care emulsions and many more.